Toadal Results

Toadal Results! In the Zone is a heart rate based training program for ALL fitness levels.  You will get personal training quality attention with the motivation and energy of a small group.  The training sessions were designed to provide a full body workout in 45 minutes at a maximum intensity level.  The coaches will push you to reach and maintain an optimal heart rate zone to maximize your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).  EPOC is the scientific term for the after burn effect, which helps you continue to burn calories 16-24 hours after the workout is over.  

Your body will take 24-48 hours to fully recover from this high intensity workout; therefore it is not recommended that you do this type of workout every day.  Aiming for a heart rate of 70-80% maximum for up to 30 minutes will offer the greatest results.  Great news for those time crunched executives, busy moms & dads and those who would rather not spend their whole day exercising!  Minimum Time, Maximum Results!