About Us


Toadal Fitness opened it's doors in March 1996 in Downtown Santa Cruz. The name was chosen mostly because the owners are French and it sounded good together (The English use to poke at the French and call them frogs during World War II). Also, it didn’t have serious connotations to the name and we wanted to keep it light-hearted. So Frog Fitness it WAS. After more than a year of operation, Frog Athletics Club located in San Diego heard of us here in Santa Cruz. They indicated that we were affecting their business (by using their name) 500 miles away!! And we received legal threats. Therefore, we had to change our name but didn’t want to lose the Frog. So we kept him as our mascot and logo and one of our genius members came up with TOADAL FITNESS. So far, so good. We still remain Toadal Fitness. A husband and wife team started Toadal Fitness. They are still involved in the day-to-day operations and have great enjoyment and fulfillment promoting and educating folks to enrich the quality of their lives through fitness. They often comment how blessed they are to enjoy their “work” as it doesn’t seem like working at all. Our goal is to help everyday people make a difference in their life by becoming healthier. A little bit of exercise (not too much) goes a long way. We feel the only way for the average person to start exercising regularly is to have access to a friendly and very comfortable environment where the fear of being out of place doesn’t exist. If you feel at ease when you come to work out, you will come back for more. In February 1999, we opened our second location on the Eastside of Santa Cruz in Live Oak. The facility is slightly larger than the downtown location but the quality care; friendliness and support to all of our members remain. We are pleased to be able to serve both the East and West side of Santa Cruz. Service with a smile all the way to your NEW YOU!! Early 2004 the three clubs combined their management forces to increase their level of service with the same level of commitment. We now have locations established in Aptos, Live Oak, Downtown, Scotts Valley, and on the Westside of Santa Cruz! 


Cabrillo Fitness located in Aptos was built in 1978 by a group of local racquetball enthusiasts who had access to very few racquetball courts in the Santa Cruz county area. As the years have passed by, and the trends in fitness and exercise have evolved, so has the Cabrillo Fitness Club. In order to always meet the exercise needs of Santa Cruz county residents, we consistently add new equipment and implement new programs. It has been, and always will be our intention to provide a clean, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, which is ideal for adults off all ages to identify, achieve and maintain their fitness goals.