Sick Policy

Health issues are a concern for everyone. Toadal Fitness -4- Kids relies on each family's thoughtful assessment of their child's health. In order to assist you, we have provided you with the following helpful guidelines which our staff will use to ensure a healthy environment year round. 

If your child is exibiting any of the following symptoms, they will be asked to go home for the day. If your child's symptoms persist, they may return to the childcare with a doctor's note stating that they are not contagious. 

• Cough: Any cough with mucus secretion (a wet or wheezy cough).
• Fever: Any temperature above 99 degrees or severe subnormal temperature.
• Runny Noses: Any green or yellow mucus secretions from the nose. 
• Rash or Skin Irritation: Poison oak, impetigo, ring worm, cold sores, head lice, and communicable diseases (measles, chicken pox, mumps, etc.) often have rashes or itching as symptoms. Please Note: Food or other allergy irritation must be substantiated.
• Diarrhea: Loose, very watery, or mucus filled stools.
• Vomiting: Recurring or projectile vomiting.
• Pink Eye: Any unusual irritation of the eye or mucus membranes (such as conjunctivitis).
• Allergies: If a child has allergies and is therefore exhibiting flu symptoms but is not contagious, a doctor's note is required.

Toadal Fitness -4- Kids staff will assess each child's health upon arrival into the Childcare each day. They will discuss any health problems with the parent. The staff may use discretion in accepting a child who shows signs of illness. Please inform the Programs Director of contagious illnesses contracted by your child (example: lice, chicken pox, measles, etc.). The health guidelines apply to the Toadal Fitness -4- Kids staff as well. Parents must accept the judgment of the staff regarding these guidelines. Children with any of the above symptoms will not be allowed in the childcare without a doctor's note. 

Thank you for helping us continue to provide a healthy environment for all!

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