One Lady Proving It’s Never Too Late to Get Fit 

As a former care home Manager, I am used to seeing elderly people sitting in chairs watching TV or dozing off or maybe sitting at a table playing a game or doing a puzzle. However, not so long ago I went on vacation to Japan and saw elderly people doing morning calisthenics, helping children get to school, and doing exercises and playing more active games or dancing in the evenings. Then when home again, I read about Shirley Webb.


Maybe you have not heard of her, but she is a world record holder for weightlifting. However, only 3 years ago the now 78 year old could barely pick herself up if. She then joined a gym with her granddaughter and after training for a few years can now deadlift 225 pounds and is currently aiming for 300. What Shirley proves is you’re never too old to start getting fit or to start working out. Her advice is to:


Find a workout buddy to keep you going

Find a gym which is senior friendly

Find a patient trainer who understands your physical needs

And start slowly - don’t go expecting to lift the world like Atlas


To read more about Shirley’s achievements and how to start working out like her, check out this article on the 78 year old weightlifting grandma.


Written by Sally Phillips