Our pre-designed interval class uses no equipment, so it is very feasible and easy to learn. From warm up to cool down, the workout is fun and easy to follow! We have researched and tested and designed a near "perfect" class that is yours for the taking.

A total body strength training class utilizing dumbbells to improve strength and tone muscle. Find motivation in working out to fun, energizing music in a class setting.

This class combines body weight exercises, light resistance training and isometric movements with a bunch of ballet style to tone and strengthen the body while improving posture and flexibility

A great blend of circuit training, functional fitness, and cardio endurance with spinning and use of suspension training (TRX). Get ready to sweat and have fun!

Full body strength training class that challenges all major muscle groups. This class offers exercise utilizing the barbell system to increase muscle strength and indurence. All levels welcome.

This class includes a full body strength trainign workout, designed specifically for those new to exercise, active older adults or those rehabbing from injury. Weights, bands, and balls will be utilized to help gain strength, balance and range of motion.

This class provides continuous aerobic activity using the step bench, This class is designed for both beginners and those with experience.

This class provides continuous aerobic activity using the step bench, This class is designed for both begenners and those with experience,

This core focused class strengthens and restores the whole body, through movements challenging your cardio endurence, stability and flexibility. 

An all level class that includes: cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics, martial art drills and lots of abs. It’s a full body workout that you will enjoy and appreciate

This total body workout uses Ballet movements, using small isometric movements and fantastic music to burn fat, shape your body, and enhance your posture.

World Dance is a zumba style dance class that incorporates different styles of dancing from around the world. This class is culturally upbeat and will give you a great workout..

Pack lunch with a punch with this class especially designed to be quick and effective.  Sweat guaranteed! Formatted especially for our busy workaholic members.

A full body workout using bands, dumbbells, and steps to condition and tone every inch of your body. This class is choreographed to great music and includes abs and stretching