TF 4 Kids Classes

Do your little ones want to do Zumba just like mom & dad? This class combines high energy and fun music with unique moves that are fun and easy to do. Parents are more than welcome to join in the fun! 

Kids will have the chance to bounce off all their energy in our brand-new bouncy houses! We will play active games like freeze dance and tag while taking turns in our bouncy houses, which include climbing walls, basketball hoops, tunnels, and slides. Don't miss out on the fun- Toadally Bouncin' makes every day in the childcare a party!

This class geared toward ages 3-6 is full of activities that will get your children mooving and grooving! We focus on learning, socializing, balance, coordination, and moving the body through dance, stretching, and games. Little Wiggles is so much fun that your little ones will be begging to come to the gym again!